Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creating space and testing iPad blogger app

After a bit of waiting and work our house remodel was finished and I have this beautiful space. I've been working in it for a year now. It took several months while working around projects to get it set up. I took these photos in December, but blogger didn't allow photos to be posted via iPad. While yes, I still have my laptop I'm hooked on my iPad. Getting the laptop out seems like such an is technology helping us or making us lazy? From my experience, have to say a little lazy!

Here are the photos of my space, it no longer looks this tidy, work tables are full of projects and fabric is spilling out of drawers.

Desk, with TV (small mostly for background noise), laptop (wireless doesn't work in this room, use it for printing), printer.

Work station, mostly for stamping, paper projects, assemly. Love my windows!

Tool table: paper cutter, Cricut machine, light box, and small tools in storage drawers.

Sewing, cutting, ironing

STUFF! Storage of supplies, tools, etc.

STUFF! Storage of supplies, other tools, etc.

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