Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Primitive Pumpkin Give Away

Great Halloween Give Away from Primitive Pumpkin. Found this give away on Donna's blog Everythingquilts.

Beautiful fabrics!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

House Progress

This was our house!!

House last winter

House remodeling is progress, here is the front.
Waiting for the front door to finish the front. They are working on the sides today.

Electricians have started on the inside.

Craftroom view and space.

Quite a bit of rain last week, most of the leaves have fallen to the ground.

Monday, October 05, 2009

A few projects

Had a little creating time the past two weekends. I know the word should be "creative" but "creative time" doesn't mean actually creating to me. I have a lot of "creative time" just thinking of ideas, it is the "creating time" I need more of. I have several projects going right now: Mermaid RR, Self Portrait ATC Swap, CQ Ornament Swap, CQ for Me Challenge, and Artys Fartsy Book RR. Good thing the deadlines are all at least a month apart.

The Mermaid RR doesn't have specific deadlines. I am working on my third mermaid block, I have Kathi's block right now. I've done some work on it, but I have more ideas and stitching to do before sending it off to Carolyn. Here is a very very small sneak peek, just a teaser.

ATCs are so much fun, the theme for this swap is "Self Portrait". I didn't want to use a photo of myself, tried to convey my self portrait of having so many ideas and techniques that I want to try and never enough time. Fun creative time always seems to "Fly" by.

I haven't started my CQ for Me Challenge block yet, hopefully this weekend.

I do have my CQ Ornaments pieced and one started. I made mittens last year and really liked the mitten shape, so I'm making mittens again this year.

"Artsy Fartsy RR Book", only an idea written on paper. I have a Feb. 1, 2010 deadline to mail my "Artsy Fartsy RR Book" cover to one of my "Artsy Fartsy" friends. This is a group of 6 women, I'm honored to be invited to "play" with them. I'm hoping to make some "fabric paper" to use for my cover.

For a little diversion I made a Halloween CQ block for a friend. I'll finish this with peltex so it is like a postcard.

Tried something new, on the HGTV message board there is a BOM (Block of the Month) posted at the beginning of each month. I am not a "quilter", but I look at the post most months. This month I really liked the BOM so I decided to give it a try. I have only made a couple of quilt blocks, so this was a challenge for me. I did it!!! It took me about an hour and a half, the seams aren't perfect but I do like the block.

I also made something with my County Fair entry block. It was good practice sewing a zipper.