Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 and a new project

In 2010 I finally made some "art" quilts. Are they really art? Not sure but I made them and I like them. Thanks to my HGTV friends that invited me to be part of "The Bakers Dozen". A group of 13 women with a variety of quilting and creative styles making art quilts based on themes.  This group started in May 2010 and will continue through 2011, every six weeks or so the group posts their quilt for the current theme.

First Theme "Freedom" posted in July

 Bangles Bubbles and Beads

 Currently working on "Hardware Store" - was due in Dec. but the holidays took over now due next week.

Along with "The Bakers Dozen" I'm creating Round Robin Books with some "Artsy Farsty Friends".

2010 was an awesome year for creating, I was flattered to be invited to join the creative ladies in these two groups.

Challenge for 2011, BOM - Block of the Month. I tried last year and only made one of the 12 blocks. I've set the goal of making all 12 this year. This could be a challenge since I'm not a "quilter" and haven't made many blocks and never a whole quilt. It would be nice to make all 12 so that I could have a quilt at the end of the year.

Starting out on schedule with a practice block, but, need to unsew and fix the corners.

Opps!!!! I'll get the corners turned around this weekend!!! Got to it this evening, all fixed.