Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ahhh.....the weekend

Great Friday Night PJ Party on HGTV board, Lynn taught us how to make a CC keyring case. Cute little case to carry your cc, driver's license, and a few $$s when you don't want/need to carry a full size purse. Fun and easy little project, even with the zipper. Great project to use scraps of fabric and batting.

 Starting fabrics

Finished CC Keyring Case
I have never made a whole quilt, until this January I had only made 4 or 5 quilt blocks.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I made sort of a resolution. I decided to participate in the HGTV BOM Challenge and make a quilt out of the finished blocks. The group leaders choose a theme for the year then on the first of each month the challenge leaders post a block pattern. This year is "Closed Barn Door", with a different star block in the center of the "Barn Door".  I have made all four blocks so far, except I used practice fabrics for March so I need to make it again to match the rest of my blocks.

Here is March, I'll repost when I make this block again with the fabric I am using for the BOMs.

It is a "Hole in the Barn Door" with a "Folded Star" center block. Not as hard as it looked, just a lot of small pieces. 

April BOM - "Hole in the Barn Door" with "Cluster of Stars" block in the center. Much easier than March BOM. I do need to keep practicing, it isn't perfect, but I'm going to live with it.

Happy Rest of the Weekend.....