Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Rainy, Windy, Chilly Day at Lake Michigan
Sunday we took our pups to the beach, Lake Michigan, for a little walk/run. It was a windy, dreary, misty day but the pups loved it. Look at Penne smiling. The waves were 3-4 feet. Penne is the only one that went into the water. We played a little frisbee until the wind caught it and it got stuck in a tree!

I found some mermaid tears, mostly green and a couple clear ones.

Did a little creating this weekend and learned a lesson about fabric paper and freezer paper. Here are the two pieces of fabric paper I made.

I liked how they looked better when they were wet, rather dull now that they are dry. May try to remove a layer of tissue on the red & green paper.

Lesson learned, check twice and make sure the shinny side of the freezer paper is up before you start applying the glue water. If not you will find, when your fabric paper is dry, it will not peel off the freezer paper! 

Making fabric paper is still a new technique to me, I will keep experimenting. These two sheets will be fun to play with.

Two good books - The Dark Tide, by Andrew Gross. Finished, it was good, sort of predictable but some good twists. And Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani, still reading and enjoying it. Adriana Trigiani is the author of Big Stone Gap and Big Cherry Holler, two books I read a few years ago. May have to read them again.