Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twister, Practice Quilting, and Binding Added

I made a small twister so I could practice quilting before attempting to quilt my twister table topper.

I quilted the outline of the twisters using orchid color thread.



Binding Added

Thank you to "TheCraftyGemini" for posting this how to make and attach binding tutorial on YouTube. I have read a few binding tutorials, this one made sense to me.

Off to work on more projects with deadlines - happy creating!!


Colleen Anderson said...

Very cute, Jody!! Sure wish you could come and teach a workshop on twisters to my quilt guild! Nice job. Colleen

Kathi said...

Really great quilting! Can't wait to see how the bigger one turns out now.
I agree with Colleen. My guild could use you to demo too!

JodyC said...

Thank you Colleen and Kathi, twisters are so easy either of you could teach a workshop at your quilt guild. The instructions on the <a href=">HGTV board</a> make it very easy to understand.