Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Altered Books

Two Altered Book Round Robins going on, fun fun fun!!! One RR with my AFFs and another with my friend Kathi, her daughter Melissa, and my Mom.

Here are pages from Mom's book, I'm next to work on her book.


Inside Front Cover Spread
First Page Spread
Second Page Spread
Books for this first round are scheduled to mail to the next person on September 17 - Let the FUN Continue!!!

Happy Creating!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

AFF Art Journal

In February 2010 a group of Artsy Fartsy Friends started an Art Journal Round Robin. We finished our books and returned them to the owners in April at the COF Retreat.

This group is amazing, so much creativity and talent. My book traveled to New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Each person created their own cover and back cover, determined size, theme, and provided blank pages. My theme was inspiration/techniques - who inspired and/or taught you techniques to be creative.

My covers were made from fabric paper and my base pages are lutradur.

Front Cover
 Back Cover
Kathi's first page

Kathi's second page

Nicki's first page

Nicki's second page

Colleen's first page

Colleen's second page

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creating space and testing iPad blogger app

After a bit of waiting and work our house remodel was finished and I have this beautiful space. I've been working in it for a year now. It took several months while working around projects to get it set up. I took these photos in December, but blogger didn't allow photos to be posted via iPad. While yes, I still have my laptop I'm hooked on my iPad. Getting the laptop out seems like such an effort....so is technology helping us or making us lazy? From my experience, have to say a little lazy!

Here are the photos of my space, it no longer looks this tidy, work tables are full of projects and fabric is spilling out of drawers.

Desk, with TV (small mostly for background noise), laptop (wireless doesn't work in this room, use it for printing), printer.

Work station, mostly for stamping, paper projects, assemly. Love my windows!

Tool table: paper cutter, Cricut machine, light box, and small tools in storage drawers.

Sewing, cutting, ironing

STUFF! Storage of supplies, tools, etc.

STUFF! Storage of supplies, other tools, etc.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ahhh.....the weekend

Great Friday Night PJ Party on HGTV board, Lynn taught us how to make a CC keyring case. Cute little case to carry your cc, driver's license, and a few $$s when you don't want/need to carry a full size purse. Fun and easy little project, even with the zipper. Great project to use scraps of fabric and batting.

 Starting fabrics

Finished CC Keyring Case
I have never made a whole quilt, until this January I had only made 4 or 5 quilt blocks.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I made sort of a resolution. I decided to participate in the HGTV BOM Challenge and make a quilt out of the finished blocks. The group leaders choose a theme for the year then on the first of each month the challenge leaders post a block pattern. This year is "Closed Barn Door", with a different star block in the center of the "Barn Door".  I have made all four blocks so far, except I used practice fabrics for March so I need to make it again to match the rest of my blocks.

Here is March, I'll repost when I make this block again with the fabric I am using for the BOMs.

It is a "Hole in the Barn Door" with a "Folded Star" center block. Not as hard as it looked, just a lot of small pieces. 

April BOM - "Hole in the Barn Door" with "Cluster of Stars" block in the center. Much easier than March BOM. I do need to keep practicing, it isn't perfect, but I'm going to live with it.

Happy Rest of the Weekend.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Agility Day

Unlike last weekend, not much sewing this weekend but a GREAT day of Agility with my cute furkid, Penne. Best agility day we've had, 6 runs: 2 gamblers, 2 standard agility, and 2 jumpers. We qualified in 5 of the 6!!! WAY TO GO PENNESTER!!!

This is the tired agility pup shortly after we got home. Look at all that GREEN!!! (green = qualifying)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sewing Weekend

Lots of sewing this weekend, started Friday with the HGTV PJ party iPad bag project. Just followed along because I didn't have my homework finished to stitch along on Friday.

Saturday morning I made this cute gift bag for Jade, the little girl my daughter babysits for. Found this cute Happy Birthday fabric in the remnant bin at JoAnns. This bag is reversible so after the gift is removed it can be used as a little girl purse.

Happy Birthday gift bag
Reversed little girl purse
 Late Saturday afternoon and finished today, another "Twister". This twister was made with 2.5" blocks cut out of 4" blocks and 2" border. Need to finish the binding. A border probably would have made it look nicer, but I just wanted to see what the 2.5" blocks would look like. Made this out of "scraps". The binding is purple, looks black in this photo.

iPad bag, made this today using the instructions from Friday's HGTV PJ party. The original instructions have a strap, but I just wanted a sleeve for my iPad.
Now to finish my CQ one block swap block, need to mail no later than Tuesday!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twister, Practice Quilting, and Binding Added

I made a small twister so I could practice quilting before attempting to quilt my twister table topper.

I quilted the outline of the twisters using orchid color thread.



Binding Added

Thank you to "TheCraftyGemini" for posting this how to make and attach binding tutorial on YouTube. I have read a few binding tutorials, this one made sense to me.

Off to work on more projects with deadlines - happy creating!!